VBS 2017 “Fixer Upper”

July 24-28, 2017 – WAIT ‘TIL YOU SEE WHAT GOD CAN DO!

Fixer-Upper-LogoDig into God’s amazing story of rebuilding
When you first build a house, it is really good. Everything is solid, strong and built to last. Over time, things begin to break down and fall apart. Then more things start to go wrong. Eventually, the house becomes a big mess and no one wants to live in a big mess. When God created the world, He created us without sin. Like a house, we were solid, strong and built to last. But we let sin into our world and immediately the foundation of our world shifted. Things began to crumble, even the wiring and plumbing in our souls stopped working as intended and the beauty of what God had created began to fade away. Things in our world got worse and worse. God knew we couldn’t fix our sin problem by ourselves. He sent a Builder who would restore us beyond what we could imagine. One day at the big reveal, we will be amazed to see what He has done.